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Need crown cleaning instead?

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The experts at Treescape North West Ltd can help you with all your crown reduction or crown thinning needs in and around Leyland, Blackburn, Preston, Chorley and Bolton. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Crown cleaning is the process of removing dead, dying or diseased wood, stumps of broken branches, unwanted epicormic shoots, climbing plants and rubbish accumulated in branch forks. At Treescape North West Ltd, we can handle all aspects of crown cleaning.

For all your tree maintenance needs including crown reduction, contact the experts at Treescape North West Ltd. Call now on

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Need help with crown reduction in Leyland?

Are the trees in your garden looking overgrown? Opt for a crown reduction! If you are new to this concept, crown reduction means reducing the overall crown area by a given amount from the tips of the branches to produce a smaller crown area whilst retaining the natural shape.


Alternatively, you can also opt for crown thinning. This involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branch growth from throughout the crown. This produces an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.

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